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Sound Recorder and Editor

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Sound Recorder Software
Save Tapes and LP’s to CD or MP3

Download Your Unlimited Trial and start recording YOUR Tapes and LP's today!
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  • You have unique sound recordings of (family) events you cherish and wish to save and play on CD or MP3?record sound
  • You would like to save LP’s, audio from video tapes, internet (radio) or TV to CD or MP3?
  • You would like to use your new CD or MP3 player to listen to your old recordings?

The PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor offers a solution to these and more questions.
PolderbitS' sound recording and editing software is the easiest way to get any sound source to your PC. You can convert all your sound recordings to CD or MP3. This way you can either save your valuable recordings from deterioration or you can listen to your recordings in a more convenient, digital, way anywhere your want!

What can the PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor do for you?

  • Record anything you can hear through your PC speakers:
    tapes, LP’s, CD/DVD audio, audio from video tapes, internet(radio), TV, life performances or any other source on your PCsound recording software
  • Help create your own CD’s or MP3 filessound record
  • Automatically split your sound recording into tracksrecord sound
  • Clean clicks, pops and crackle from your vinyl recordings
  • Reduce noise from your tape recordings
  • Enhance overall sound quality with our equalizer
  • Edit your sound recording, adding fade-in and out effectssound record

Our sound recording software is very user-friendly according to our 70.000 users, as they selected “Ease of use” as the nr 1 feature in a recent survey.

Join 70.000 PolderbitS users who are saving their recordings like Michael Kallstrom from Kentucky USA:
"Thanks for a fine and easy to use program. Even my kids (9 and 12 years old) use it at home."sound recorders

Or Michael Fine from Pennsylvania USA:
“What an amazing program for the price. For the record, I'm a Grammy Award winning recording producer with tons of pro-gear. I use PolderbitS for numerous home applications (and occasionally for pro ones as well!)."sound recording software

Or like Paul Sweed from the UK:
"This program is great!
I am an amateur DJ and finding a good piece of software to record a mix and split it into tracks was very difficult. Now I have Polderbits I can mark the start of the next track wherever I like, and the wave display makes it even easier."recording software

NO LIMITS: Download Your Unlimited Trial Today

Unlike other sound recorders we offer you a free 7 day trial period, without restrictions like maximum recording lengths or other limitations! Experience the true power of the Sound Recorder, download the fully-functional trial version, hook up your audio device to your PC and start converting your sound recordings today!

Click here to download now.

NOTE: We have created a special page on how to connect your tape recorder to your PC. The webpage is very explainatory using pictures to make everything cristal clear and get your tape to cd. To get this information download the software here.

If you have any questions, then please see our FAQ page.