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With the PolderbitS DVD Creator you can edit your own movies and create your own video DVD's, based on video material from various sources:

  • Video from devices like digital camcorders or photo/video cameras, or capture cards to digitize analogue video on VHS tapes for example.
  • Video files residing on disk, like downloaded video files, or video files created with other software for example.
  • Video's that are recorded with the PolderbitS Video Recorder
  • Tracks or chapters on existing video-DVD's which are not copy-protected.

These are the steps to take to create your own video DVD:

Import video Clips into the project from various sources:

Here we capture video from a digital video camera.

Create one or more Movies, based on the Clips you imported:

Use the equalizer and noise filter to enhance the audio quality:

Use any part of any imported video clip to create scenes and movies.
You can apply cross-fades between scenes for professional looking video effects:

Here the flowers scene gradually cross-fades to the cows scene during a given amount of seconds.

And you can insert stills anywhere in a movie, having a fixed color or picture file background, optionally with text:

Here we used it to include a title at the beginning of the movie.

Design a DVD Menu using one of the pre-defined themes, or use a theme with a background picture you create yourself:

Here we created and use a new menu theme, with a background image from a video snapshot we took earlier.

Create the DVD Image and burn it on a DVD disc:

The DVD Creator plays the DVD, but any DVD player will of course.

Click here to download the PolderbitS DVD Creator today!
It is fully functional during a 7 day evaluation period.