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What do you want to record from?  We have the software for it...

  Unlike our competition we offer you a free 7 day trial period for all products, without restrictions like maximum recording lengths or other limitations! Experience the true power of the PolderbitS recording solutions, download a fully-functional trial version and start recording today!  

Sound Recorder and Editor

Download the Sound Recorder and Editor Record from audio equipment connected to your computer and
everything you hear through the PC speakers
  • Transfer lp and tapes to CD and create your own CD's
  • Record streaming audio and anything you hear on your PC
  • Clean clicks, pops and crackle from your vinyl recordings, reduce noise from your tape recordings and enhance overall sound quality with our equalizer
  • Record old 78 rpm records at 45 rpm and correct the playback speed
  • Convert your files from mp3 to wav and vice versa
  • Edit your existing mp3 or wav sound files splitting recordings into multiple tracks
  • Use a recording timer to record internet radio broadcasts for example
More information about the Sound Recorder and Editor

New! Video Recorder

Download the Video Recorder Record everything you watch on your computer screen
  • Record from websites like YouTube, or from websites of TV broadcasting corporations
  • Automatically detects most video playing back somewhere on screen, allowing instant recording without anything to setup
  • Including a screen capture function to record anything else on screen
  • Record PowerPoint presentations and put them on DVD with the PolderbitS DVD Creator
  • Save recordings as WMV or MP4
More information about the Video Recorder

DVD Creator

Download the DVD Creator Record from VHS and make your own Video DVDs
  • Make custom DVDs from different video sources, like camcorders or video files on disk
  • Edit your movies using (cross-)fades and enhance the audio quality
  • Design your own DVD menus with backgrounds like snapshots from video
  • Include your own DVD leader movie at the start of DVD playback
  • Burn single layer or double layer DVDs
More information about the DVD Creator

Call Recorder

Download the Call Recorder Record online VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) conversations
taking place in the communication software of your choice
  • Record from programs like Skype, VoipBuster, VoipStunt, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Office Communicator, Lync 2010 and more...
  • Automatic recording in the background
  • Save recordings as wav or mp3 sound files, either mixed-mono or dual channel stereo
  • Eliminates short system sounds like mouse clicks or short audio signals
  • Record voice chatting sessions in hidden mode, for parental monitoring
  • Record important phone calls for legal backup
More information about the Call Recorder


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